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Gold Coast Carrara Markets timber signs and light up signs

Custom Timber Engraved Signs

Customised timber signs add personality to your space. Design your own or make a suggestion and I will weave a littletimber wizardry just for you. Mark out your mancave, welcome visitors, give a cubby house a plaque or let your pooch know just how special they are.

Perfect for bars, businesses, and homes, custom timber signs are attractive and unique – not only can you design your own, but each piece of timber has different grain, shape and colour. Choose from pine, red cedar, Australian rosewood, bluegum or camphor laurel.

Custom Edge Lit LED Signs

If timber is not your thing, and something a little more edgy fits the bill, try a custom edge lit sign.

These signs draw attention and are perfect for bars, clubs, lounges and other atmospheric places.


Economical to run, simple to install – simply hang and plug in, all edge lit signs are fitted with quality LEDs, power supply and an on/off switch.

Custom Birthday Signs

Custom birthday plaques make a very fantastic gift at any age. From 18th and 21st keys through to 50th and 60th celebration plaques I can create a memento foreach milestone.

Simply provide me with your ideas – perhaps even an image or two and I can create something special for your birthday person.

Serving & Chopping Boards

These beautiful boards can be use serving boards on the front and chopping boards on the back side.

The boards are custom engraved and then resin filled, we have many different effect we can create.

I can create any designs and colours you desire, they will make the perfect gift for that person who has everything.

Timber And Illuminated Bar Signs

Every bar needs a touch of qualityand either a powerful timber bar sign or a striking illuminated message or logo will grab people’s attention straight away.

Personalize your bar sign whether it’s for wines, spirits or beer on tap. Display your sense of humour, or simply brand your premises – it’s entirely up to you!

Timber And Illuminated Business Signs

Have your logo or advertising message engraved in wood or Illuminated with LEDs to create a dramatic display.

An excellent way to capture attention for any size business from boutique shops and market stalls to cafés and corporate businesses. These signs draw customers in and readily identify your product and branding.

Carrara Markets

Damian Berrili

0404 073 638

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